About Northern Music Co.

Andy FarrowAndy Farrow – Managing Director.

Andy Farrow, who began his involvement in the music business in the early 80’s by running punk co-operative label Apathy Products, formed Northern Music Co. in 1988. Andy promoted Crass in a benefit gig to get Apathy going, inspired by the Punk attitude of anything is possible – DIY. After a stint running AMF music (promoting gigs, running rehearsal rooms and booking bands) he eventually merged with Far North Music and soon became a management powerhouse in the North of England with a knowledge that spread across all aspects of the business and an understanding of the artist. Six acts were signed to a variety of major and independent labels and the company acted as scouts for eight record labels.

After over 20 years in the business, Northern Music Co. has had consistent success with predominantly rock-orientated acts, achieving over thirty Top 30 Album chart positions and sales in excess of three million. As the company’s reputation has spread, the management roster developed to encompass acts from US and Scandinavia. Andy is still at the helm, managing the careers of some of the biggest names in heavy music: artists such as the widely respected Opeth and genre-defining Paradise Lost were established by Northern Music and our latest addition, Devin Townsend, is enjoying the most productive period of his career. Aforementioned Opeth are an example of how career potential can be fulfilled with strategically planned management. Once an exciting underground prospect, Opeth have become one of the most renowned names in metal: worldwide Top 5 DVD chart success followed their sold out performance of the ‘Blackwater Park’ album at The Royal Albert Hall; ‘Deliverance’ was awarded a Swedish Grammis; ‘Watershed’ went Top 15 in the US Billboard Chart; the list goes on…

We aim to develop long-term, international careers for our acts and fight against the often short-term nature of the music industry. We are also active in keeping on the pulse of a constantly changing industry, which has led to the creation of our sister companies; Omerch, AMF Music, NMC Live and Graphite Records (operating in merchandise, publishing, live booking and record releasing respectively) enable Northern Music Co. to remain at the forefront of the rock and metal industries, activating and expanding its wide knowledge base and expertise. The management side of Northern Music Co. has also diversified by taking on producer Jens Bogren, DVD production co Cybertech, composer Jan Cyrka and designer Travis Smith.